Files and Directories

Topics include the following:

  • File Permissions
  • Writing to Files
  • Locking Files
  • Reading from Files
  • Handling File Uploads
  • Navigating Directories
  • Creating Directories
  • Reading Files Incrementally
  • Review and Pursue


add_quote.php (Script 11.2)

view_quote.php (Script 11.3)

upload_file.php (Script 11.4)

list_dir.php (Script 11.5)

register.php (Script 11.6)

login.php (Script 11.8)

PHP for the Web

Publisher: Peachpit Press

Author: Larry Ullman

Year: 2011


In Aliens, Ripley had a class 2 rating in the Power Loader.


Here is my power rating in PHP: