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"Gene is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, selfless IT professionals I know. ..."

# 98Vickie R. Comrie

"Gene is a committed and hard working leader ..."

# 97Olaoye Sunday

"Gene's management and guidance within Boston PHP has benefited a great many people ..."

# 96Judy (Clark) Vedder

"One of Gene’s strength as a leader is his commitment to education and learning ..."

# 95Kevin R. Sletten

"The class moved along nicely and Gene provided good feedback ..."

# 94Rick Heller

"His knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter shows in all his communications, making him highly regarded by all his fellow developers ..."

# 93Lori Daniells

"Gene provided a first rate experience. He will be a great asset to any organization that uses his services ..."

# 92Peter Olsen

"Gene is an untiring leader and mentor to an untold number of members ..."

# 91James Burns

"Gene has been an outstanding leader, facilitator and mentor ..."

# 90Fred Tarbox

"Gene's devotion to the Boston PHP community is outstanding ... Bravo, and thank you for your generosity!"

# 89Jen Kramer

"Gene is a polished, knowledgeable and tireless professional ... When Gene is around, I want to join and participate. That’s leadership."

# 88Gary Johnson

"Gene is a great resource for Boston PHP ..."

# 87Mike Murphy

"He has passionately and successfully launched, lead, and completed three of the most ambitious programs at Boston PHP, the jQuery jAM, PHP Percolate, and HTML5 Brunch ..."

# 86Jonathan Barronville

"It was a very well run process, and a great success by all accounts, thanks to Gene ..."

# 85Larry Ullman

"Gene is a one-of-a-kind stand out. Knowledgeable, well-rounded, and always forward thinking ..."

# 84Tom Dennesen

"Gene was one of my favorite and most memorable instructors at BU Center for Digital Imaging Arts and continues to be a valued connection ..."

# 83Adam Blom

"Not only does he have a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, but he is a mentor of high integrity ..."

# 82Elizabeth Gruber

"It was a pleasure to be a member of his class and I highly recommend that any of my peers take part in a course taught by Gene ..."

# 81David Cantacesso

"His experience and professionalism helped maintain a friendly and flexible learning environment. I would like to take another one of his classes ..."

# 80Erik Schoeffel

"Gene had a care for students learning that was unprecedented in a night class. He comes highly recommended ..."

# 79Blake Toder

" He's a phenomenal teacher and did a great job teaching the class ..."

# 78Aaron Myran

"I can't thank Gene enough for running the jQuery jAM and PHP Percolate courses. He discussed questions and fielded ideas from over 200 participants, many of whom are very experienced software professionals..."

# 77Randy Bone

"You can't go wrong if you get a chance to work with Gene. He is hands-down one of the best leaders I've had the pleasure of working with..."

# 76Michael Bourque

"On top of all of this, Gene is an amazing guy to work with. He has a great personality, was always in early and stayed late..."

# 75Jeremy Brace

"... his reputation at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts is legendary. Even more impressive than his teaching is the effort Gene puts forth for his students outside of the classroom..."

# 74Melissa Bruneau

"Gene is one of those leaders in web development in Boston who understands the value of community..."

# 73Brian Rinaldi

"Gene’s information on market trends, brand innovation and top endeavors is an invaluable resource for professionals engaged in entrepreneurism..."

# 72Lauren Nowicki

"He has been extremely patient, kind, knowledgeable and I consider him a mentor. I know he will always be there with advise as I continue on my creative journey..."

# 71Virginia (Wise) Hobin

"He goes above-and-beyond his classroom instruction to lead the Web Apprentices group of students and former students in topics we didn't have time to cover in class..."

# 70Amber Hammond

"Gene was my instructor for several web scripting classes at CDIA. It was clear right from the beginning that he would be one of those teachers who really cared about who we were and where we wanted to end up..."

# 69Amy Wilson

"Gene has always been a favorite instructor of mine. His patience and his ability to clarify topics for the students are some of his greatest strengths as a teacher..."

# 68Matt Solano

"Gene is such a wonderfully creative person to work with. His insight into the industry has been a real pleasure to share with the world via the CDIA blog..."

# 67Kelly (Perrault) Taranto

"Gene is not just an instructor; he is a wealth of knowledge. Gene was my instructor for various web development classes including JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL..."

# 66Mimi Phan

"Gene Babon was one of my favorite instructors at CDIA. He made learning easy, even when it came to learning JavaScript and PHP!!! He really cares about his students and wants them to succeed..."

# 65Kelly (Nixon) Lemieux

"As my teacher at The Center for Digital Imaging Arts, Gene was a great influence to me as well as my work. He is very knowledgeable and did a great job shearing his knowledge..."

# 64Jeff Kalogeros

"Without Gene's guidance and patience during the classes I had with him, I would have been lost again in coding for Web design. Gene helped to make my transition smooth and rewarding..."

# 63Dan Minkkinen

"Gene is an excellent web instructor with incredible organizational skills and knowledge of the material. He creates a great learning environment and is always willing to help a student out..."

# 62Jon Berkowitz

"Gene's commitment to a student's success serves as sign of his great teaching abilities. Gene is able to pass knowledge and skills to his students by presenting complicated material in an easily comprehensible manner..."

# 61Lubo Iliev

"His instruction exhibits patience, organization, detail, and a genuine motivation to help his students succeed. Gene has given his students a wealth of industry knowledge via Beantown Web and Web Apprentices..."

# 60Jennifer Coffey

"Gene has an excellent wealth of knowledge. A pleasure to work with, and a true leader in his field. He is a great teacher, and will continue to be a great mentor. Gene has helped me with a great start to a new career path..."

# 59Adam Chase

"Gene continues to inform and mentor CDIA graduates through emails and various networking (online and face-to-face) opportunities. His research on technology trends and employment statistics equip students and colleagues with important industry information..."

# 58Mark Caprio

"If I were to recommend CDIA to someone interested in attending, Gene would be one of the reasons I would do so. Gene would be an asset to any school or organization that would be fortunate enough to hire him..."

# 57Kathy Murphy

"Gene quickly became a class favorite at CDIA. It was not just his in-depth knowledge of the subject(s) he was teaching, but his ability to teach in a way that enabled all students to understand the material. I strongly believe Gene would be an asset to any organization..."

# 56Eric Rier

"Gene is a very talented instructor who knows how to teach MySQL and JavaScript within a very short period. He is very helpful to troubleshoot coding and his approach worked excellent..."

# 55Werner Krings

"The endless hours he puts into Beantown Web shows his commitment to assisting students with a successful transition from design student to design professional..."

# 54Charlotte Hartwell Gesten

"Gene is committed to the success of his students before and after graduation. I could (and still can) always count on Gene for technical and business advice -- either via email or in person..."

# 53Juli Jorgensen

"Gene Babon's input has been indispensable to my education at BU's CDIA web program. His technical expertise and calm, classy demeanor made me feel at ease and excited to learn..."

# 52Peter Yezukevich

"I have also found the information he posts on Beantown Web about salaries, skills, strategies and contacts to be extremely helpful in gaining a competitive advantage in the world of web design and development..."

# 51Blake Romine

"Gene was on top of every lesson. He took the time to help all the students with their questions and created a very helpful website of resources for us..."

# 50Jessica Morton

"Gene was a critical component to my growth as a web developer. In addition to his patience and good nature, Gene's method of explanation and assistance conjoins with a wide range of individuals..."

# 49Jon Casey

"He always went the extra mile to help the students, even if the problem wasn't directly related to what he was teaching. Gene has the technical knowledge and personality to help any organization..."

# 48Sarah Cole

"He is eager to share his technical and professional knowledge and constantly encourages us to participate in seminars, workshops, or other programs that will further enhance our own skill sets..."

# 47Melanie Pappas

"Gene is a fantastic teacher. I was privileged to work with him and learned very much. I gladly give my recommendation for Gene as a teacher and web designer..."

# 46Chris Antreasian

"Gene's dedication to providing the best possible education to the students is his strongest attribute. Students and instructors both speak highly of his skills, knowledge and dedication..."

# 45Tim Rice

"Gene can be seen at the school, after hours, helping students finalize projects. He's the 'go to' guy during portfolio. He's created solid curriculum that's proven and he's stepped up to the plate in times of need..."

# 44Al Lemieux

"Gene was eager to stay late to ensure everyone fully understood the material. Gene went above and beyond his role as an instructor when I was perusing a job in the field. He provided me with insight and tools to start my career..."

# 43Courtney (Rank) Langan

"He was always extraordinarily prepared, engaging and fun. You'll want to hire Gene because he's highly dedicated, technical, strategic and fun..."

# 42Richard Stanton

"Any student would be fortunate to have Gene as their teacher for his pleasant mannerisms and helpfulness make him invaluable. Moreover, as a graduate, his web blog has been a great resource for industry happenings and information..."

# 41Danielle (Slapak) DiBenedetto

"Gene was head and shoulders above other Technical Trainers at CDIABU. Gene’s expertise in Web Development and Web Design was clearly demonstrated in the classroom, and was well respected by students and other faculty at CDIABU..."

# 40Linda Bruce

"I can't thank Gene enough for his help and availability as a teacher. His knowledge has been invaluable to so far in my career as a web designer..."

# 39Christopher O'Connor

"He is very knowledgeable, efficient and a very friendly guy who is easy to get along with. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert..."

# 38Tim Lefort

"In addition to providing superb classroom instruction, Gene makes it easy for students to keep abreast of changes and trends in the design industry through the information he makes available on his website, Beantown Web...."

# 37Dan Jacobson

"His lessons were clear, informative and well-prepared. His answers to questions were always easy to understand and helpful...."

# 36Diana Parziale

"Gene was able to explain JavaScript and PHP to his students in a surprisingly comprehensive way -- not an easy task! His passion for Web Development is contagious and his knowledge is exceptional..."

# 35Margarita (Williams) Fontes

"I studied JavaScript, PHP and MySQL under him and I don't think anyone else could have taught these very difficult program languages with as much clarity as Gene. I am grateful to have studied under him..."

# 34Kenneth Cooney

"I found his tenacity, teaching skills and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge to be a great asset in my growth as a web designer. I am glad to have had the pleasure of learning under Gene and would recommend him to anyone seeking his services..."

# 33Brian Bator

"Gene was the best instructor I had at CDIA. Gene's teaching style is smooth, organized, practical, and engaging. It's not every day you encounter a "Gene" - I'm lucky to have learned from him..."

# 32Jamie McCarthy

"He was always available to provide detailed information above and beyond the scope of his role as a teacher (field information such as salary and employment details). I think highly of Gene, his expertise and his ability to instruct..."

# 31Carrie (Sourbeck) Beach

"He was able to teach in a way that made me able to understand complicated subjects and concepts. He spent the time with each student in order to make sure that they understood the material..."

# 30William Roos

"He wears many hats, but I will think of him mainly as a person who shows a passionate interest in both the current class project at hand and the future of each and every student he comes across..."

# 29Jeff Andriesse

"Simply put, Gene is a true mentor in every sense of the word. As the world of web development and design grows and changes, Gene grows and changes with it. This is precisely what makes him so valuable to anyone interested in our field of work..."

# 28Kevin C. Kupillas

"He made the longs hours of Javascript and PHP fun, and that is no easy task. I would recommend him highly, as the most comprehensively effective teacher I had at CDIA BU..."

# 27Caitlin O'Hara

"On rare occasions, an instructor would possess a talent for guiding and nurturing comprehension which would result in a great learning experience. One such individual is Gene Babon..."

# 26Christopher Pitts

"My experience with having Gene as a teacher was awesome. His Beantown website is a terrific source to keep people informed about jobs in the community and new web technology..."

# 25Amanda (Young) Clapp

"Gene is knowledgeable about web design and development while being conscious to take care of, yet challenge his students. Gene is a very likable and kind person and it was a pleasure to learn from him at CDIA..."

# 24Grace Tenner

"In my opinion, Gene is able to be an effective instructor because he is truly passionate about what he teaches. I feel well-equipped as I head out into the marketplace thanks to the things Gene has taught me..."

# 23Jesse Haley

"Gene's knowledge of html, css, javascript and php and his ability to communicate that knowledge through various teaching aids is exceptional. In short, Gene is one of the finest instructors I have had the pleasure of learning from..."

# 22Kristy Stetson

"He has deep knowledge in web development, especially with JavaScript and PHP. He is highly skilled and good communicator..."

# 21Orentas Balaisis

"Very detail oriented, very knowledgeable, has an excellent demeanor and was one of my favorite instructors while I attended CDIA. I don't think CDIA realizes what a fine gentleman they have on their hands with Gene..."

# 20Eric Lawson

"Gene is one of the hardest-working individuals I've met while also being an efficient easy-to-work with colleague..."

# 19Howard Phillips

"As an instructor, he was prepared, organized and patient. And he was always available, in and out of class, to help and advise..."

# 18Peggy MacNeil

"Gene is a great generator of ideas, networking possibilities, technical expertise, and good cheer for all who are fortunate to know and work with him. I'm glad to be one of them!..."

# 17Maureen Lawson

"I felt respected and supported by him in what were some of the more challenging courses that I have taken. I also am an adult educator, and I respect his ability to work with students at all levels of experience and expertise..."

# 16Khari Farrell

"Gene has continued supporting me well beyond the end of classes, demonstrating this way a personal commitment to his students in particular and his profession in general..."

# 15Gregorio Carvajal

"Gene is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He is good with people and incredibly talented..."

# 14Jessica Rutenberg-Peake

"Gene was able to condense the material into specific, relevant topics, and create exercises that we can come back to and use as web professionals..."

# 13Diana Picariello

"Gene is a wonderful teacher/mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable and his lesson plans are well thought out and executed so everyone can learn..."

# 12Phil Percuoco

"Gene gets results. Period..."

# 11Pauline Pisano

"I found everything he taught to be clear and important. He knows the industry very well and is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and organized..."

# 10Kate (Barrett) Nadir

"I found his teaching style very helpful and found him to be knowledgeable in PHP and JavaScript providing me with the foundation I needed to further advance my career in web design..."

# 09Jennifer England

"His positive attitude helps tremendously when road blocks seem to crop up. I would highly recommend Gene's services for anyone looking for server-side expertise help..."

# 08Keith Ward

"I consider Gene to be one of the most effective instructors in the Interactive Design program at CDIA. I came away from his classes on JavaScript, PHP and Dreamweaver feeling confident with the material. Overall, a wonderful instructor!..."

# 07Liz (Menard) Coven

"I always looked forward to having Gene as our instructor at CDIA. He was highly organized and always came to class prepared. Any student would perform well in a class taught by Gene..."

# 06Shira Fruchtman

"Gene is one of the finest instructors at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts, balancing hands-on training with relevant career information. He is very well prepared for each class, but is also flexible enough to taylor lessons to his students' needs..."

# 05Daniel Beadle

"Gene Babon is a responsible and added asset to the training of the technical skills and knowledge of Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP..."

# 04Elaine Carbone